Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Manager

A unique solution for proper soil moisture & plant-available moisture. (Not a wetting agent, superabsorbent polymer or plant food ingredient.)

Double Even Triple The Days Between Required Watering…And Profit From The Benefits Of Proper Moisture Management!

Control or eliminate dry spots
Improve the health of your crops
Enhance nutrient & pesticide efficiency
Improve seed germination
Maximize crop production
Improve transplant establishment
Eliminate drought stress
Extend flower life
Protect non-irrigated areas

A Whole New Technology For The Agriculture Industry

Hydretain is a unique blend of liquid hygroscopic and humectant compounds formulated to efficiently manage soil moisture, extends watering intervals and provide the benefits of both proper soil moisture and plant available moisture – two of the most important requirements for healthy plant growth.

Hydretain takes the stress out of moisture management

These pictures of tomato plants were taken as part of a study conducted by three major US universities to assess Hydretain's effects during the production of commercial process tomatoes.

The Hydretain treatment clearly shows the dramatic increase in the number of tomatoes produced per plant during drought conditions.

This picture clearly shows the increase in root mass of tomato plants grown with Hydretain. By reducing everyday drought stress, maintaining a constant availability of moisture and improving nutrient uptake, Hydretain helps plants to produce better roots which in turn improves top growth as well as crop yield.

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