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Hydretain Root Zone Moisture Manager

A unique solution for proper soil moisture & plant available moisture. (Not a wetting agent, superabsorbent polymer or plant food ingredient.)

Double Even Triple The Days Between Required Watering…
...and Profit From The Benefits Of Proper Moisture Management!

Reduce or eliminate drought stress cycles
Enhance nutrient & pesticide efficiency
Control or eliminate dry spot problems
Improve seed germination
Improve transplant establishment
Reduce or eliminate hand watering
Protect non-irrigated or poorly irrigated areas

For use on greens, tees fairways as well as all sports turf. From grow-in throughout on-going maintenance Hydretain is excellent on ornamental plants, shrubs and trees as well..

The Problem...

Even the most diligent superintendent doesn’t have the time or the resources to maintain optimum soil moisture levels throughout the day. Hydrophobic soils, localized dry spot (LDS), and fluctuations in plant available water due to evaporation, leeching and transpiration, cause turf grasses to experience drought stress. Unfortunately by the time the first visible sign of drought appears the turf grasses’ internal processes (photosynthesis, carbohydrate translocation, cell differentiation, cell elongation, & cell division) have ceased. This complete shutdown of the turf’s physiological processes results in weak, under-developed turf that is prone to diseases, pests, and root shrinkage. Ultimately the overall quality of your turf and course suffers.

The Solution: Hydretain

Hydretain manages root zone moisture, making the most efficient use of applied waterings, rain, etc… Its simple mechanism protects turf from the harmful effects of drought stress, reducing disease pressure and root shrinkage. Hydretain will result in healthy, disease resistant turf that will improve the overall quality of your course.

How it works

When the soil moisture content (available moisture) drops to a level in which plants and grasses would normally begin to show signs of drought stress, there is still additional moisture in the soil (unavailable moisture) which is tied to soil particles or as free water molecules within the air space between soil particles. Hydretain converts currently unavailable moisture into available moisture by pulling water molecules together creating microscopic droplets which are then usable by the plant.

A Hydretain molecule has the unique ability to attract, hold, and then transfer water molecules into plant roots. One end of the Hydretain molecule anchors itself to soil particles and root hairs coating t
heir surface. The other end is available to “grab” free water molecules from humid air circulating in the soil, applied waterings, rainfall, etc… Once Hydretain has “grabbed” a water molecule, it releases it into the plant’s root through osmosis preventing it from being lost to evaporation or leaching. Because the Hydretain molecule is too large to fit through the cell wall of the root, it is left behind where it is free to “grab” another water molecule. This process is repeated over and over again, continually supplying the plants with water.

Hydrophobic soils are caused by organic matter (i.e. lipids, proteinaceous compounds, humic acid, fulvic acids, alignins, and suberin) that coat the soil particles and repel water. Because Hydretain is able to adhere to these compounds, water molecules are drawn to these hydrophobic areas, restoring the natural capillary action of the soil matrix that brings plant available water to the root system.


Excess Moisture & Disease

Hydretain does not hold excess water in the root zone of your turf and therefore does not promote disease. It also will not change the water holding capacity or percolation of the soil matrix (except in the case of severely hydrophobic soils as above).

Minimizes Localized Dry Spot

Hydretain minimizes localized dry spot by restoring the natural capillary action of the water within the soil matrix. This increases the lateral movement of water in the root zone and brings plant available water to the root system.


Wetting Agents, Penetrants, Polymers, ETC…

Hydretain is not a wetting agent, polymer, penetrant, or antitranspirant. No other product has the ability to hold and actually attract free water molecules and then release them through osmosis into the roots of your turf. It is a truly unique compound that has no equal.

Increases Watering Efficiency

Hydretain increases watering efficiency by managing root zone moisture throughout the day. In independent tests Hydretain has reduced watering by up to 50%.

Reduces Fungus, Algae & Disease

By reducing over-watering, Hydretain lowers the moisture levels in the thatch layer and minimizes the conditions that cause fungus, algae, and disease.

Environmentally Friendly

Hydretain is all natural, made from food-grade materials and is fully biodegradable. It contains no phosphates, petrochemical derivatives or other toxic fractions, which may cause ground water runoff or contamination.


General application rate - Apply 9 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. (3 gallons per acre) by spray or drench once every 3 months or maintain monthly at 1/3 rate after initial full rate application. For best results apply to wet soil. Water in with at least 1/10 inch of water within the first couple of hours to insure Hydretain ES is washed off foliage and into the soil. Within 24 hours, follow with enough additional water to carry Hydretain ES down to and throughout the root zone. (The amount of additional water required to carry Hydretain ES throughout the root zone is dependant on the depth of the root zone of the treated area.)

Additional Hydretain ES may be required to correct difficult and extreme dry spot areas. Hydretain may be applied at up to 5 times the general application rate as a single treatment or in multiple applications.

Wetting Agents & Penetrants:
Hydretain ES contains an excellent soil surfactant designed specifically to allow Hydretain to penetrate through thatch layers and hydrophobic soils, down to and throughout the root zone where Hydretain is designed to function.

Overseeding, Sodding, Sprigging:
Apply Hydretain ES at general application rate (9 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.) by spray or drench after seeding, sodding or sprigging. Water in with only enough water to rinse Hydretain ES off foliage and into the soil at seed level or the root area of new sod or sprig. An application of Hydretain ES made prior to overseeding, sodding or sprigging and watered into the root zone will manage soil moisture for existing turf during new turf establishment.

Trees, Shrubs & Individual Plants:
Dilute Hydretain ES at a rate of 2 oz. per gallon of water and apply by drench thoroughly saturating the root zone. For maximum effectiveness on trees apply 1 to 2 ounces of concentrate for each 1/4 inch of trunk diameter. Dilution rate is variable from 50:1 to 300:1.

Potted or Containerized Plants:
Dilute Hydretain ES at a rate of 2 oz. per gallon of water and apply by drench, thoroughly saturating the planting media. Media should be dry enough to hold as much diluted Hydretain as possible. Hydretain ES may be applied through existing injectors at rates between 50:1 and 100:1. Higher dilution rates may require multiple applications to achieve desired results.

Large Planters & Gardens:
Dilute Hydretain ES at a rate of 2 oz. per gallon of water or through injectors at a rate of 50:1 to 100:1 and apply at a rate of 2 ounces of concentrate per 60 sq. ft of area. One gallon treats 4,000 square feet.

For Best Results:
Water thoroughly when re-watering Hydretain ES treated plants. Proper fertilization will enhance Hydretain ES's effectiveness. Hydretain ES is biodegradable. For maximum effectiveness reapply every three months or when required watering becomes more frequent. Reapply if a reduction in watering is not apparent within the first two weeks.

If Hydretain ES is applied to open flowers blooms, rinse with water plain water to reduce the possibility of Hydretain pulling moisture from sensitive flower petals.

Hydretain is available through top golf course distributors throughout the United States. Contact Ecologel Solutions, LLC toll free @ 1-888-545-6307 for your nearest distributor.

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