Why Hydretain in Commercial Greenhouses and Nurseries?

Moisture related plant growth problems reduce the survivability and quality of plants and flowers. Drought stress during shipping, uneven watering in the greenhouse, or improper watering on the retail shelf erodes profits and negatively impacts your reputation. Hydretain is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly root zone moisture management tool that will:

Minimize Hand Watering

Extend Watering Intervals

Reduce Returns

Improve Plant Quality

Increase Retail Shelf Life

Even-up Watering Schedules

Save Time, Labor, and Money

Delays Wilting

Hydretain is able to attract and hold free water molecules from the air within the soil matrix and efficiently transfer them to the plant's roots. This extends the intervals between wilts, increasing shelf life and plant quality.Best of all, one Hydretain application is effective for up to three months and is fully biodegradable.

Hydretain's unique blend of humectant and hygroscopic compounds have been proven in university and greenhouse trials to delay wilting by up to 100%. The graph below shows the results of research conducted on four common plant species. The plants were split into two groups, one group received only water and the other received water and Hydretain on day zero. The plants were then observed and the 1st and 2nd wilt times were recorded.

Extend Retail Shelf Life

Hydretain extends retail shelf life by extending the time between required waterings. This makes plant material easier to maintain by retail personnel and keeps plants looking fresh longer, maintaining full value, increasing sales, and reducing plant loss due to improper watering.

Reduce Returns

Hydretain will reduce returns on both the wholesale and retail level by reducing plant loss that occurs during shipping and on the retail shelf.

Increase Consumer Satisfaction

Hydretain will increase consumer satisfaction by making the plants easier to maintain once they are home.

Even-Up Watering Schedules

Watering Schedules are often dictated by a few plants (usually at the edge of benches or at the perimeter of irrigation systems) which dry-out ahead of the majority of the crop. This leads to hand watering that is time consuming or overwatering, which can lead to fungus and disease problems. Hydretain will even-up your watering schedule by managing root zone moisture and protecting plants from uneven drying.

This photo depicts a Greenhouse trial of Hydretain on Pathos grown on benches. The plants on the bench on the right (without Hydretain) are normally watered 3 times per week overhead and twice per week the edge plants are hand-watered. After treating the plants on the left bench with Hydretain, watering was reduced to 2 times per week with no hand watering of the edge plants. This picture clearly shows the difference in wilting of the edge plants on the Hydretain bench over the control.

Environmentally Friendly

Hydretain is fully biodegradable and contains no phosphates, petrochemical derivatives or other toxic fractions which may cause ground water or runoff contamination.

Greenhouse Application Instructions

Hydretain is easily applied in a single drench or micro-dose application through fertigation or drip irrigation. As a post harvest drench simply dilute Hydretain with water at a rate of 2 oz. per gallon (64:1) and saturate planting medium.

Hydretain is available through distributors throughout the United States. Contact Ecologel Solutions, LLC, toll free @ 1-888-545-6307 for your nearest distributor.

... Want to learn more about how Hydretain's unique formulation can help you eliminate dry spots, fight drought and reduce watering needs and expense? Click the image to the left to watch the video