Overseeding, Sprigging & Sodding

The following graph illustrates seed germination results where the area was watered on Day 1 and Day 8 only.

Hydretain's unique property makes it a perfect value-added addition to new turf projects. It will help keep projects from drying out between waterings, which is especially important when constant watering is impractical and labor intensive.

Hydretain has been proven to improve seed germination and seedling survival in restricted water germination tests. This results in greater germination and faster establishment of seedlings, sprigs and sod.

Download the Hydretain Overseeding Brochure in PDF format.

Overseeding Applications

For maximum results it is best to apply Hydretain prior to overseeding so that it is already in the root zone working with existing turf. Another application should be made right after seeding, and watered in with only enough water to wash Hydretain off the foliage and into the soil at seed level.

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