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The Results are Compelling...

We invite you to review some of the independent research that validates the Hydretain effect on the health of your greenery.

The scientific community continues to affirm the effects of Hydretain in root zone moisture management. Put the science to work in your home garden, lawn and shrubbery and see for yourself what the studies have already proven...Hydretain works!

Please note, earlier Hydretain studies were conducted using less concentrated formulas. Current Hydretain application instructions reflect the recommended dilution rates to achieve desired results.

A Clemson University Study (1.5 Mb PDF) demonstrating how Hydretain overcame moisture retention problem in greenhouse poinsietta crops.

Another Clemson Study (503k PDF) evaluating Hydretain applied to container-grown trees

A Third Clemson Study (91k PDF) evaluating moisture retention in field-grown chrysanthemums.

Research from the University of Florida (409k PDF) demonstrating positive effect of Hydretain use in geraniums.

Another University of Florida Study (184k PDF) showing the positive effects of Hydretain on Florida-grown tomatoes shipped and transplanted in Pennsylvania.

A New Brunswick Research Study (451k PDF) showing improvements in yield and quality of processing tomatoes using Hydretain.

Independent Research (408k PDF) demonstrating increased shelf life of retail plants using Hydretain.

Penn State Tomato Production Study (228k PDF) showing improvement in transplant success using Hydretain.

Published HortScience Study (874k PDF) showing transplant success improvements with Hydretain.

Ohio Weslyan Study (1.9Mb PDF) showing use of Hydretain as a post-planting soil ammendment in reducing wilt cycles.